In June 2021, Flexiv officially releases its self-developed general AI system, Noema. Nomea is a general-purpose intelligent robotic brain that is cloud-edge-end adapted for all industries, where AI algorithms and solutions can be developed and applied based on its full perception capacity (vision, force, tactus, etc.). Besides, Noema can be regarded as the technology evolution foundation of the General-purpose Intelligent Agent(GIA).

In 2020, Flexiv Chief AI Scientist Prof. Cewu Lu and CEO Dr. Shiquan Wang jointly published the review article General-purpose Intelligent Agent on the journal Engineering(, describing the contradiction between ‘supply and demand’ of AI applications in the…

Scholars from Stanford Biomimetics and Dexterous Manipulation Lab (BDML) recently published their research and development on a hybrid electrostatic and gecko-inspired gripping pad for manipulating bulky, non-smooth items. The gripping pad largely increases the real contact area and adhesion upon objects, especially those with non-smooth surfaces, and helps the robot to carry heavy items by low internal forces, broadening the applications in retail and household environments.

Capacities of the hybrid gripping pads have been fully tested by manipulation experiments using Flexiv’s adaptive robot, Rizon 4.

The content below is summarized and authorized from Hybrid electrostatic and gecko-inspired gripping pads for…

Curious about Rizon’s performance in the #Shave-a-Balloon Challenge? Check the video to have a look.

By the way, Rizon has also prepared a small surprise for you :)

In April 2019, Flexiv Ltd. launched the world’s first adaptive robot, Rizon 4. By human-inspired robotics technology, Rizon 4 can adapt to changing and uncertain environments and automate complex tasks with ‘hand-eye coordination’ like human, breaking the limit of traditional robots’ handling only preset tasks based on fixed trajectories in structured environments.

Rizon 4 & Accessories

One year later, following the technology roadmap of adaptivity and humanoid, Flexiv has released a new member of the adaptive robot family, Rizon 4s.


Robotic technologies have been rapidly evolving over the past few decades. Today, emergence of collaborative robots alongside traditional industrial robots have become commonplace in manufacturing plants across the world and they continue to be widely adopted due to their ability to increase productivity and efficiency of production lines. Despite technological advancements in industrial robots, a large set of tasks that can be easily completed by humans remains challenging for these systems. …

Flexiv - Dexterous and Intelligent

Flexiv Ltd. is a global robotics and AI company, focusing on developing and manufacturing adaptive robots which integrate force control, computer vision and AI.

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