New Product Release: RIZON 4S is Coming

In April 2019, Flexiv Ltd. launched the world’s first adaptive robot, Rizon 4. By human-inspired robotics technology, Rizon 4 can adapt to changing and uncertain environments and automate complex tasks with ‘hand-eye coordination’ like human, breaking the limit of traditional robots’ handling only preset tasks based on fixed trajectories in structured environments.

Rizon 4 & Accessories

One year later, following the technology roadmap of adaptivity and humanoid, Flexiv has released a new member of the adaptive robot family, Rizon 4s.

Rizon 4s features a more advanced force control capacity. The end effector force accuracy has been increased from 0.1N to 0.03N, and it will reach 0.008N in the future version. The force control accuracy is up to 0.05N. Besides, all products of the Rizon series are equipped with great adaptivity to the environment: CE/UL Certified IP65 protection level enables effective protection against dust and low-pressure water; the operation temperature interval is 0–45℃, under which the force control performance is not affected.

Rizon 4s Specifications

Based on these specifications, Rizon 4s owns key features as follows: more powerful force control, stronger disturbance rejection, and the capability of multi-contact force control.

ore Powerful Force Control

Put a tiny screw spike on Rizon 4s’s end, the robot can sense its weight in real time thanks to the accurate end-effector force sensing. The ability of end force sensing and control like this ensures Rizon 4s to achieve outstanding performance without additional force sensors or force control devices.

Rizon 4s can also automate the complex multidimensional hybrid motion/force control of rigid contact. This is extremely difficult for other robots. Moreover, Rizon 4s is able to process complex surfaces with high curvature, for instance, it completely fits a perfectly round piece and achieves excellent hybrid motion/force control as shown in the picture above.

tronger Disturbance Rejection

The ball-balancing challenge, demonstrated by Rizon 4s, has driven much attention at CIIF 2020. Without a vision system, Rizon 4s controls the ball to move along the target trajectory only by force control. When the external disturbance happens, the robot can quickly make real-time adjustments to make the ball go back to its original path, indicating its strong disturbance-rejection ability.

ulti-contact Force Control

These life scenes showed Rizon 4s’s capability of multi-contact force control. Without affecting the main task on the end effector, the robot may accomplish additional tasks using different portions of the arm, such as the elbow. The task may include avoiding obstacles, optimizing the robot's manipulability, or interacting with the environment. This broadens the scope of adaptive robot applications by accomplishing tasks in limited workspaces.

Rizon 4s works effectively in the application with higher requirements on force control, more complex environments, or more limited spaces, such as high-precision assembling, high-curvature surface polishing, and special operation within limited spaces, etc.

With the mission of ‘develop and apply the best human-inspired robotics and AI technologies for every industry’, Flexiv insists on the unremitting pursuit of advanced technology and constant improvement of the universality and flexibility of the robot.

Rizon 4s, as a new step in Flexiv’s technical roadmap, lays the foundation for the births of more ground-breaking products.

Flexiv Ltd. is a global robotics and AI company, focusing on developing and manufacturing adaptive robots which integrate force control, computer vision and AI.